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2017 is behind us, companies like Steinhoff and Capitec may have seen their share prices plunge but right now there is some serious money to be made on the stock market.
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Five Hottest Shares to Double your Money in 2018

Shares in this tiny company could double thanks to this ‘backdoor’ opportunity in a sector expected to grow 400 times in 2 decades!
Imagine you could leave your house and step into your car to go somewhere…
Just a normal activity right?
But in this case, you don’t take control of the wheel.
Instead, you punch a destination into the navigation system and your car moves off by itself.
Driverless cars will be for sale to the public within two years from now.
Ordinary people like you and I could own one within the next ten years.
And if it’s not driverless, chances are it’ll at least be electric.
Currently there are roughly a million electric cars in the world, compared to 1.2 billion cars in total. That means, for electric cars to reach the one in three mark they will grow from the current million to 400 million.
That is 400 times growth!
Simply put, the electric car market is at the precipice of truly MASSIVE growth. 
And there’s a way to take advantage of it right now and capture gains of 125% in the next 12 months.

Now, as I said at the beginning of this letter, I’ve put together a special report including in-depth profiles on ALL the stocks I want to tell you about today… Including this little gem.
Inside, you’ll find all my detailed research. I’ll give you reasons why I think each of the companies I want to tell you about could be positioned for big profits… A breakdown of how I arrived at each percentage forecast… And crucially, I’ll tell you how you can access their names and ticker symbols so you can invest in them immediately.
In this new age of renewable energy, protecting resources and saving the environment, it’s companies like this one that will DOUBLE in value – in this year alone!
Mining is as old as man. We started with stone quarries in the stone age and progressed through the bronze, copper and iron ages.
While the resources that are in demand have changed during every one of the era’s in mankind’s evolution there is one that’s only grown in demand.
The metal I’m talking about is copper. We’ve used it for more than 10,000 years and its uses are still expanding.
But I'm not talking about freshly mined copper -I'm talking about Recycled!

Nearly 100% of copper is recyclable. So, while mining the metal is profitable, recycling it is even more attractive! 
Get ready to bank 110% from this new age of renewable energy.
And then there’s my next find… A tiny company with big plans, and even bigger profit potential…


He built a R140 billion empire then retired… Now this 70-year-old retiree is looking for a new challenge – He’s already taken a R100 million company to R4 billion

His vision for the company is to own ‘lifestyle’ businesses. We’re talking investments in education, restaurants, sports, outdoors, beauty and retirement.
He’s using the same business model as he did for his previous empire. And initially the focus will be inside of South Africa, after which the company will go global.
He has already made three deals, with another one in the pipeline...Get in today for a 100% gain in the next 18 months.

Tractor sales are up... Mining numbers are up...This can only mean one thing for this niche manufacturing company

Tractor sales have skyrocketed in the past three months.
But it’s not just agricultural machinery sales that are on the up.
The mining industry has also recovered in a big way in the past twelve months.
Stats just released show that manganese ore sales are up 84% year-on-year in October 2017. Iron ore sales are up 41.3%, gold 18.4% and coal 14%.
That’s massive increases in sales.
I think it’s safe to say that with these massive increases there’ll be increased spending on new machinery, replacement parts and other consumables…
And that brings me to an investment opportunity that could easily double your money in the coming year.

I'd like to urgently send you the details of this sweet company and set yourself up for a 101% gain in the next 12 months.

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2018’s No Brainer Investment
Get your share of this R400 million UK based property giant – For Free! 
You walk into a store and see two cans of Coca Cola.
The one a 330ml, the other a 450ml. They sell at the same price, and you’re really thirsty. Which do you buy?
It’s a no brainer.
Clearly. you’re getting 120ml of cola for free when you buy the 450ml drink instead of the 330ml one…
Well, today I have an investment for you that’s based on the same premise.
You could go and invest in a UK based property investment fund, a range of hedge funds and a couple of other investments and pay R5.60 per share.
Or, you could invest in this company, get everything I mentioned above. But only pay R3.12.
That’s a massive discount of 44.28%. One I simply couldn’t ignore.

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Francois Joubert
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